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Anna Oikonomou was born in Trikala, Greece.

She studied Architecture and holds a Master of Science in Parametric architecture from the Department of Architecture at the University of Patras. She was accepted at the MSc Design, at the Royal College of Art, London with specialty in Interior Design.

At the RCA she was taught the elements of high-end design by the Architect Ab Rogers, son of the Architect and Lord, Richard Rogers. She collaborated with various artists in the design spectrum and performace art, like Studio, Mathias Gmachl and Rachel Wingfield. A spatial laboratory experimenting across the fields of design, architecture and the sciences, whose work has been exhibited in spaces like MoMA, NY,V&A and private collections.


She worked as a Senior Designer for Peter Mikic and Bowler James Brindley, London. 


Spending time amongst like-minded people, within a collective  that lived and breathed for design, form and aesthetic, she further cultivated her inner passion for Cinema and Photography.  She was accepted at the London Film School where she studied for an MA with specialty in Directing Fiction, and there she directed her first short film,

Depth Over Distance.  

Her belief is that the strongest images, moving or still, have a story to tell, some of them are worth sharing and exploring.


“The feeling that you take with you after you have seen an image, or a film, is what is important ...

the feeling that you take with you, sometimes for a moment …a day ..or even a lifetime.”

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